The New Vitalizer: Quality Comes to Light

Manufactured by hand, every device is unique. All components are made in Germany, including an additional microchip and a special, high-grade quality laser diode. The purity of the diode guarantees an even more pronounced effect on the cells than was achieved by the previous Vitalizer generation; the additional microchip provides an enhanced functionality. Last but not least: the new Vitalizer comes in a modern and exceptionally attractive form. The Vitalizer unit boasts an ergonomic design according to the best standards for medical devices and is notably comfortable to hold in your hand. In a nutshell: the new Vitalizer brings not just a technological quantum leap, it represents a whole new class of quality as a product.


The Vitalizer design is defined by a beautiful aluminum hand-unit, completely cut out of one piece. It is anodized and bears a lasered inscription. A multifunctional color ring decorates the connection to the front-piece that is made of PMMA, a biocompatible synthetic material that is also used in the medical field.


While undergoing the technical optimization, the Vitalizer received an entirely new circuit board, developed especially for Vitarights Innovations GmbH. This board is equipped with a controller that guarantees a constant lighting-power. The power supply does not use replaceable batteries anymore, as their place is taken by a high-end lithium battery that is charged through a mini USB-Port. The multifunctional switch combined with the interval circuit contributes to the easy use.

Technical Data

Biophotonic-Softlaser, Class II

Light beam color: red
Wavelength: 650 nm
Power output: 1m
Power supply: Battery (Lithium 200 mAh)
Mini USB-Port/Charging cable
Charging time: 2 hours
Standby time: 1 week
Voltage: 3 V
Safety: CE-conformity certificate
EU-Norm: EN 60825
Harmonization of the light metabolism (the Vitalizer does not cause ionization, i.e. there is no splitting of the electrons or molecules through radiation).

Note: the Vitalizer technology cannot be decoded. The energetic information contained in light cannot be copied.

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