The Beosigner® concept for body and mind


When we at Vitarights speak of the Beosigner® concept, we do not mean ideas or formulated thoughts, but something physically tangible. Specifically, something innovative and unique. Something that is easy to use and highly effective in terms of regulatory processes. Processes that take place on a physical or mental level and can strengthen and balance an organism. In short – we understand it as something that enables people to take their health into their own hands – and that of their pets as well.

The Beosigner® concept is based on information medicine and quantum physics that are integrated into a special device and equally special applications for this device: the Beosigner® and the BeoKeys. They are complemented by BeoPark and BeoTapes - valuable and useful tools. 

Here we describe which components of the Beosigner® concept have which functions. You can find more information on this by clicking on the linked passages. 

The Beosigner®

Are you already famlilar with the Beosigner®? Excellent. If not yet, that's not a bad thing. We'll introduce it briefly here. The Beosigner® works with coherent light and uses it to transport relevant information into the cells of a living organism. In this way, processes are set in motion that strengthen, activate, or regulate biological systems. We also say that they are vitalized.

This is how the Beosigner® serves the physical level - in humans and animals. Plants also benefit from the Beosigner®; water and food as well as care products become of higher quality and are better tolerated through vitalization.

The BeoKeys

The Beosigner® can do a lot on its own. A significant amount in fact (read more also on our "Studies" page). Now we'll tell you a secret: the Beosigner® concept can do even more than "a significant amount":

  • It has a broader spectrum of effects for people with individually applicable extensions for the vast and relevant topic of mental fortitude. 
  • It is ideal for animals with a specially tailored insert.

The BeoKeys were developed by a team of expert therapists to be used in the Beosigner®. Four different BeoKeys for humans: Power, Joy, Stability and Focus. Each of these BeoKeys contains a finely tuned complex of information that it transmits by means of coherent light. This technology works on the mental level and strengthens it in a unique way.

The BeoKey Animal Complete is designed especially for animals. It promotes calm and relaxation, strengthens the ability to concentrate and does much more. The musculoskeletal system (for example tendons, ligaments, and bones) also benefits greatly from the Animal Key. It simply does animals good - and they show us that clearly.

BeoPark, BeoTapes and cases: station, support, and protection - including while on the move

The BeoPark and BeoTapes complete the Beosigner® concept. The BeoPark is both a station and a support for the vitalizing process. The BeoTapes are worn on the body (in the case of humans and animals) and hold the Beosigner® in place while it is working.

The BeoPark is the perfect complement for your Beosigner®. Use it as a shapely station that holds the Beosigner® securely in place; the strong ferro-magnet inside ensures this. And because magnets hold information well, we took the opportunity to program it – in our own specially developed way, of course. Ferro-magnets are also said to have a positive effect on the body: so, feel free to place BeoPark near you, for example on the table or bedside table.

The BeoPark can also be tilted or positioned in five different orientations, three horizontally and two vertically. This allows you to adjust the informed light beam of the Beosigner® to different angles and heights. This is particularly practical because you have your hands free while your food, drinks or care products are vitalized - or even your body, especially places you can't reach so well, such as your spine, for example.

Use the BeoTapes to secure the Beosigner® to your body: simply place the BeoTape around the desired area and close it with the Velcro. Beosigner® is positioned on a matching flap and all you must do is switch it on. Of course, this also works for animals - try it out. The BeoTape is available as a set; it contains tapes in two different lengths that you can connect to make one long BeoTape. 

Protect both the Beosigner® and the BeoKeys when you are on the move. We have designed special cases made of genuine leather for this purpose. 





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Lesen Sie hier einen Auszug aus der

Untersuchung von Hagalis. Es geht um Wasser, Qualität, Elektrosmog und die Bioverfügbarkeit von Mineralien.

Eine Untersuchung des Instituts Hagalis belegt, dass durch die Vitalisierung die Ordnungsqualität des Wassers signifikant zunimmt. Die Untersuchung kommt zu dem Schluss: „Die Kristallisation in dieser Untersuchung ist recht regelmäßig ausgebildet und zeigt eine vollflächige Verteilung im Bildbereich. Während bei der Neutralprobe eine starke Konzentration im Randbereich des Bildes von 90° Winkelstrukturen und verdichteten Kristallen wahrzunehmen war, ist bei der hier untersuchten Probe eine wesentlich regelmäßigere Verteilung zu erkennen, die keinerlei Verdichtungszonen in größerem Maße aufweist. Erstaunlicherweise sind die 90° Winkelstrukturen und vor allem die Gitterstrukturen im Randbereich nicht mehr in dem Maße vorhanden, so dass davon ausgegangen werden kann, dass die Probe kaum mehr eine Elektrosmogbelastung aufweist. Offensichtlich ist es durch das Verfahren gelungen, die verschiedenen negativen Einflüsse von der elektromagnetischen Strahlung weitgehend zu neutralisieren und die Probe zu regenerieren. […] In jedem Falle ist aber auch die Bioverfügbarkeit der Mineralien gestiegen, die in diesem Falle durch eine größere Oberflächenbildung für den Verbraucher vorteilhaft erscheint. Mineralien, die eine gute Löslichkeit aufweisen und eine hohe Oberflächenbildung haben, können vom menschlichen Stoffwechsel wesentlich besser resorbiert und in den Organismus eingebaut werden. Dies bedeutet, dass das Wasser in jedem Falle sich regenerieren konnte und in seiner Eigenschaft als Nahrungsmittel eher geeignet ist, als die Neutralprobe.“

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