Our foundation of life: Water

How you can use water as a therapeutic medium

There are therapies that are based on water. Hydrotherapy, for example (cold water), balneotherapy (enriched water, medicinal water) and thalassotherapy (seawater). Most of these forms of therapy are delivered and applied externally. They all have their justification; they all help people with health problems. They are often used as a spa treatment, so they are limited in time - sometimes also in their effect if it does not last.

The Beosigner® for high-quality water

Make water your most important and loyal ally! You will be doing yourself a big favour. Water dissolves toxins and cleanses the body if it is of the right quality, for example healing water quality. The less stressed an organism is, the more vital it is. Many cultures have known this for thousands of years. With the Beosigner® we have developed a device that turns normal water, i.e., also tap water, into water with the physical quality of healing water. You can find more details below. Before that, we will take you on a little excursion into the world of water.

The relevance of water

Without water there is no life. At least not in forms we know. All living organisms have a water balance, i.e., the absorption and release of water. The main component of living cells is in fact water. The same applies to organs and bodily fluids. The logical consequence of this is that we humans are largely made of water. This percentage changes depending on our age, gender, and weight. Depending on age, an adult consists of 50-80 % water. Water brings nutrients and oxygen to all of our organs, muscles, and other cells. When we excrete water, via the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs or the skin, this water also transports harmful substances out of our body.

What does high-quality water look like?

Water taken directly from a spring usually has a higher physical quality than tap water. This is even visible in its structure. The Hagalis Institute* conducted a study on this subject. The Hagalis crystal analysis allows the quality and healing properties of water samples to be determined. For the study, the Institute examined water in different qualities before treatment with the Beosigner® and afterwards. 

*This study was carried out by the Hagalis Institute in 2001 with the Becker Vitalizer, the precursor to the Vitalizer and thus to the Beosigner®. However, all results can be transferred 1:1 to the Beosigner®, because the Beosigner® is just a new name for a modernized product design with the same, proven, and state-of-the-art technology.

The pictures show you clearly: the vitalized water (picture on the right) has a physical structure similar to that of healing water. The water crystals are arranged like ferns. Compare this structure with the grid-like one on the left picture, which is typical for drinking water of inferior quality. This significant improvement was consistently seen in all the water tested after treatment with the Beosigner®.

Picture left: Water sample before vitalization (400x magnification)

Picture right: Water sample after vitalization (400x magnification) 

Hagalis crystal analysis: "Water crystal analyses with Becker Vitalizer", the precursor to the Beosigner® and thus the same technology, Hagalis AG, 2001 Herdwangen-Schönach.

Read an excerpt from the Hagalis study here 

It is about water, quality, electro-smog, and the bioavailability of minerals.

"[...], so that it can be assumed that the sample exhibits hardly any electro-smog exposure anymore. It is clear that the procedure has succeeded in largely neutralizing the various negative influences from the electromagnetic radiation and regenerating the sample. [...] In any case, however, the bioavailability of the minerals has also increased [...]." 

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Please read an excerpt from the study made by Hagalis Institute regarding water, water quality, electro smog and the bioavailability of minerals.

A study made by the Hagalis Institute proves that vitalization significantly increases the water’s quality of order. The paper concludes: “The crystallization of this study is quite consistently formed and shows an all-over dispersion in the image region. Whilst a high concentration of 90° angle structures and high-density crystals was observed in the peripheral zones of the image, the sample tested here shows a more substantial consistency in dispersion that exhibits absolutely no dense bodies of compression zone on a larger scale. Astonishingly, the 90° angle structures and in particular the grid structure in the peripheral zones are no longer present to that degree, so that one can conclude that the sample barely shows signs of electro smog pollution. Obviously, this method successfully achieved an extensive neutralization of the many different negative influences caused by electromagnetic rays and a regeneration of the sample. [...] In any case, the bioavailability of the minerals also improved, creating a greater surface area, which seems to be beneficial for the consumer. Minerals that present a good solubility and have a greater surface area are considerably better reabsorbed by the human metabolism and better incorporated in the organism. This means, that in any case, the water was able to regenerate, and it is more suitable in its properties as nutrient than the neutral sample.”

Institut Hagalis AG: Crystal analysis, Comparative study: water quality. Überlingen 1.10.2002. On water as an information carrier cf. Ludwig, Wolfgang, Albrecht, Hans-Jürgen: Wasser und Homöopathie. The importance of water structure as a carrier of information. A research basis for homeopathy. Großheubach 2002. Kröplin, Bernd, Henschel, Regine C.: Die Geheimnisse des Wassers: Neueste erstaunliche Ergebnisse aus der Wasserforschung. Aarau 2016.

Institut Hagalis AG: Crystal analysis, comparative study: water quality. Überlingen, 1.10.2002. On water as an information carrier, see Ludwig, Wolfgang, Albrecht, Hans-Jürgen: Wasser und Homöopathie. Die Bedeutung der Wasserstruktur als Träger von Informationen. Eine Forschungsbasis für die Homöopathie. Großheubach 2002. Kröplin, Bernd, Henschel, Regine C.: Die Geheimnisse des Wassers: Neueste erstaunliche Ergebnisse aus der Wasserforschung. Aarau 2016.

Investigating the effect of vitalized water

There are studies that prove how effective water vitalized with the Beosigner® is. In 2018, the Institute for Sports Science and Health Management (ISGM, Meppen), in collaboration with the Institute for Sleep Medicine and Interdisciplinary Sleep Research (ISIS, Münster), investigated for us the effects of vitalized water on autonomic regulation and regeneration in athletes. In 2019, we commissioned the Institute for Cell Biology Testing Systems, Dartsch Scientific, to find out what effect vitalized water has on cell cultures. You can find more about these studies as well as summaries of the results on the Studies page.

Vitalize water outside and inside your body

Water is our most important means of life, our most important food. It makes up a large part of our body. This is true for many organisms, not just humans. So drink enough water, ideally vitalized water. Treat all food and care products with the Beosigner® as well – by this you benefit from it in more ways than just one. Treat your water with the Beosigner® for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Drinks, dry food, and cosmetics for at least 60 seconds. That simple? Yes, that simple!





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Lesen Sie hier einen Auszug aus der

Untersuchung von Hagalis. Es geht um Wasser, Qualität, Elektrosmog und die Bioverfügbarkeit von Mineralien.

Eine Untersuchung des Instituts Hagalis belegt, dass durch die Vitalisierung die Ordnungsqualität des Wassers signifikant zunimmt. Die Untersuchung kommt zu dem Schluss: „Die Kristallisation in dieser Untersuchung ist recht regelmäßig ausgebildet und zeigt eine vollflächige Verteilung im Bildbereich. Während bei der Neutralprobe eine starke Konzentration im Randbereich des Bildes von 90° Winkelstrukturen und verdichteten Kristallen wahrzunehmen war, ist bei der hier untersuchten Probe eine wesentlich regelmäßigere Verteilung zu erkennen, die keinerlei Verdichtungszonen in größerem Maße aufweist. Erstaunlicherweise sind die 90° Winkelstrukturen und vor allem die Gitterstrukturen im Randbereich nicht mehr in dem Maße vorhanden, so dass davon ausgegangen werden kann, dass die Probe kaum mehr eine Elektrosmogbelastung aufweist. Offensichtlich ist es durch das Verfahren gelungen, die verschiedenen negativen Einflüsse von der elektromagnetischen Strahlung weitgehend zu neutralisieren und die Probe zu regenerieren. […] In jedem Falle ist aber auch die Bioverfügbarkeit der Mineralien gestiegen, die in diesem Falle durch eine größere Oberflächenbildung für den Verbraucher vorteilhaft erscheint. Mineralien, die eine gute Löslichkeit aufweisen und eine hohe Oberflächenbildung haben, können vom menschlichen Stoffwechsel wesentlich besser resorbiert und in den Organismus eingebaut werden. Dies bedeutet, dass das Wasser in jedem Falle sich regenerieren konnte und in seiner Eigenschaft als Nahrungsmittel eher geeignet ist, als die Neutralprobe.“

Institut Hagalis AG: Kristallanalyse, Vergleichsstudie: Wasserqualität. Überlingen 1.10.2002. Zum Wasser als Informationsträger vgl. Ludwig, Wolfgang, Albrecht, Hans-Jürgen: Wasser und Homöopathie. Die Bedeutung der Wasserstruktur als Träger von Informationen. Eine Forschungsbasis für die Homöopathie. Großheubach 2002. Kröplin, Bernd, Henschel, Regine C.: Die Geheimnisse des Wassers: Neueste erstaunliche Ergebnisse aus der Wasserforschung. Aarau 2016.