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Healthy – Strong – Successful: Aspirations of Modern Society

The challenge is high. We live a fast-paced life, our world is getting more digital by the hour, our technology is undergoing rampant changes and the information flood is on the rise. A motto to live by is “stay tuned”! But can we keep pace as the time passes or do these developments make us ill? What would we give, if there was a device for activating our unused Potential, bringing to the fore our latent talents, whilst letting us enjoy inner peace? Such a device would provide us with a valuable advantage for daily performance; make us to the trendsetters – a true instrument of success.

Instrument of success: the Personalized Vitalizer

Personalization – what is this?

Every living organism has an individual information field – as unique as a fingerprint. This information field contains all positive and negative events which took place in your live since your conception. The information field is present in every living cell, and it can be recorded with the help of special complex mathematical technologies and can be described as a frequency pattern. This frequency pattern represents the whole concept of the multiple biological proceedings within the person’s body. Such a pattern is absolutely unique.

As a next step, this individual Pattern has to undergo another very complex conversion process to be programmed into the Vitalizer. Your personally programmed Vitalizer will resonate with the information field in your cells. The cells can recognize the information pattern, and the personal stress patterns and other negative thought processes can be counterbalanced with the positive information. This, in its turn, leads to an exceptionally healthy and strong self-perception, becoming evident in a positive and self-determined attitude. In contrast to most others, you will be able to use your creative potential to the full, design and live your individual way to success. A positive self-perception is also conductive to the deep contentment.

Transmission of Personal Information

Upon request, we can determine your personal information field and model it onto your Vitalizer. This makes the Vitalizer personal. Wenn you use the personalizer Vitalizer, your body resonates with the provided information. The effect: the exchange on the cellular level in your body will be optimized; multiple processes will run more efficiently. How would you notice? Because of better, faster regeneration, quicker comprehension and confident dealing with stress.

Effects such as

■ significantly more vitality,
■ better self motivation,
■ increased power of concentration,
■ stable emotional balance,
■ better dealing with stress,
■ stronger mental abilities

are listed in daily comments from our users.

How to Use a Personalized High Tech Edition Vitalizer  

A personalized Vitalizer is used just as a basic Vitalizer edition. Naturally, you can use your personal device not only for yourself, but also for other persons, animals and food. A personalized Vitalizer transmits not only your personal information, but also the basic light management information, the personalized Vitalizer will be just as effective for others as a non-personalized one. In this case it would work as the basic Vitalizer edition. Increased efficiency can be reached only for the person, for whom the device is programmed, the person with a fitting frequency pattern.

New Findings from Epigenetic – It All Begins in Your Mind

The underlying concept of the personalization is based on the scientific principles of Epigenetic. Neuroscientists have come to recognition that the way somebody thinks, feels and acts influences his or her nerve cell circuitry. Stress hormones can induce contraction of blood vessels in the forebrain, reduce its functional capability, slow down the activity of frontal cerebral cortex and influence the center of conscious activity. Our thinking and our emotions can cause genetic changes.

Scientists have realized that all the unsolvable worries, which accompany our daily lives and influence our work and our personality, can have much deeper consequences. Such traumatic experiences as wars and natural disasters can have lasting damages well into the next generation. Trauma and fear tend to go deep and manifest themselves in our feeling of self-esteem. Extreme stress can damage our genome and the genome of our children.

The National Geographic commented: “It runs in the family – quite a colloquial expression that nevertheless hits the mark of the newest findings in the human genetics research. One thing seems to be indisputable: Our parents endow us with much more than their genes. Also their life circumstances, their stress, their hunger, and their illnesses are reflected in our genetic material. Things they experienced before our birth are carried to us through the molecular biological processes in their cells. Scientists start realizing just how the environment influences our genetic material. They make the connection between our environment and our genes, between things innate and learned, between heritage and experience.”[1]

The key for a successful and contented life is a healthy self-esteem. This includes how and what one thinks of him or herself, of one’s relationship to others and to the environment, but also how one esteems his or her abilities. The pictures in one’s mind can either foster personal growth of slow it down. They can either confer confidence and success, or bring one down with despair and resignation. These pictures make out our stress patterns.

The personalized Vitalizer can enable us to govern these pictures in our head and to influence them in a beneficial way. Negative stress patterns can be replaced with positive patterns. A person with a positive self-perception can attain great goals using both, conscious and subconscious decisions. The Vitalizer helps not only to combat fears and gain control over one’s life and emotions, it can help us to retrieve and develop latent abilities. A healthy self-image is not only the key to success; a healthy self-image also promotes a healthy body.

[1] National Geographic: Das Erbe in unseren Genen, edition 5/2018, (Access on February 5, 2018)


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