The Vitalizer – a Global Innovation
with the Power of Biophotons  

The Vitalizer belongs to the items you should always have handy. It provides you with more vitality and energy in just a few seconds, can transform normal tap water into a water of superior quality, and increases the bioavailability of food. The Vitalizer helps cope with stress, increases mental strength, boosts concentration and improves performance. At the same time it can help against skin irritations and various intolerances. In short: the Vitalizer is a handy little helper for humans but also for animals. The Vitalizer stimulates biological regulatory mechanisms.

Using coherent light as a medium, the Vitalizer transfers specific, regulatory information to the cells. The body can use this information as needed to achieve harmony and gain new energy.  

With the Vitalizer, you hold a unique device in your hand – a global innovation, since this appliance has simply no equivalent in the field of biophotonics.

The Vitalizer – Energizing Light in Your Pocket

Biophotonics and the Glow of All Life

The Vitalizer is a unique innovation in the field of biophotonics. It emits coherent light, which provides the organic matter with an information impulse. This vitalizes the cells, and you quickly feel refreshed and energized.

The Vitalizer and its innovative biophoton technology opens a new dimension of healthy living.

All living cells communicate through light and obtain their vitality through biophotons. This metabolism of light is regarded as a prerequisite for the phenomenon of life. The coherent light with its propensity to generate order can play a decisive role in our living a healthy life and enjoying it. The basis for this fascinating insight is founded on research in the field of biophotonics during the 1970s, which changed our understanding of health and wellbeing for the time to come.

Light is Good for Our  Wellbeing 

The Vitalizer emits the highly structured coherent light at the push of a button. This light can vitalize the light energy management within the cells and re-inform the cells, strengthening their self-healing powers. This unique biophoton-technology can be used on humans, animals, plants and food  –  yielding the same positive results.
Every living organism possesses an individual information field, which is contained in every living cell. This information field in humans can be evaluated with a special technology and represented as a frequency pattern.
On request we can establish your personal information field and reproduce it for your Vitalizer. With this it becomes personally customized to your and your physical needs.
When a personalized Vitalizer is used, it produces the resonance between your body and the stored frequency pattern. A personalized Vitalizer is more efficient and the regeneration speed of your cells increases even more.

Users of a personalized Vitalizer report increased vitality, higher self-motivation and concentration levels, better emotional balance and more mental power.

The Vitalizer – modern design and expert quality

The innovative design of the Vitalizer impresses with the beauty of form and perfectly cut aluminum hand-unit, anodized and bearing the Vitalizer logo. The front-piece of the Vitalizer is made of PMMA, a biocompatible synthetic material that is also used in the medical field. A multifunctional color ring decorates the connection between the hand-unit and the front-piece of the Vitalizer. The light-diode within the Vitalizer is well protected from external influences through the sturdy plexiglas cap.
Die Vitalizer-Diode ist durch eine Frontkappe aus stabilem Plexiglas bestens vor äußeren Einflüssen geschützt.

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