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The enterprise philosophy of the still young company Vitarights includes the active participation in scientific research and investigation. After all, transferring knowledge from science to business has a most important influence on the development in both of these fields! By conducting research and sharing the gained knowledge, Vitarights firmly intends to contribute to a better understanding and application of the quantum world.

The following statement by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) demonstrates great strategic foresight: “Our work and lives are firmly rooted in digital technologies. Yet our world consists, in fact, not of zeroes and ones, but of quanta. This was recognised by Max Planck and Albert Einstein at the beginning of the 20th century.  […] If our world is indeed a quantum world, then quanta systems must be able to help us to understand this world better and organize it more efficiently – this is the idea behind quantum technology.”[1]

This is the point where the scientific investigation conducted by Vitarights in cooperation with research teams from the fields of medicine, physics, sport and nutrition gets in. The Vitalizer is a result of joint efforts. First scientific studies on the Vitalizer usage in connection to liquids for professional sports will be published within an open trial that can be viewed here. The revealed results have proved to significantly exceed the expectations, and motivate to further research – especially in the area of heart rate measurements.

As we are talking about a comparatively young research field, the Vitarights company is grateful for all the interest and professional support it receives – in the line with the progressive BMBF thinking: “Education, Science and Research mean openness and freedom of thinking. A free spirit knows no boundaries, it overcomes them. It looks for inspiration in all possible areas and in many countries.” [2]


[1] BMBF, Quantentechnologien – von den Grundlagen zum Markt. Rahmenprogramm der Bundesregierung, Rostock, 9/2018. (Zugriff am 13.12.2018)

[2] BMBF, Internationalisierung von Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung, Rostock, 12/2016, (Zugriff am 13.12.2018)

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