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Do you have any questions regarding your Vitalizer? You can always contact your Vitarights-Partner.

Your Vitarights-Partner will be happy to help you. And if you would find a minute to read the most frequent questions and answers listed below, you may find your question already answered.

Question: Overdosing – is it possible to “overvitalize” my food or myself by mistake?

No. With the “Vitalizer” it is the quality of the information transmission alone that counts; the quantity doesn’t play a role.

Question: Side effects – which side effects should I possibly expect with vitalizing?

The vitalization has no known side effects, since it only informs and does not manipulate. Some experience initial reactions. This happens because your body sets off its own regulation processes and needs energy. It can thus show it needs a period of rest. The initial reactions in this case are signs of detoxification, such as are common for nearly all natural therapies.

Question: opaque packaging – does the Vitalizer also have an effect of products within the lightproof packaging?

Normal light does not penetrate opaque packaging. But test series have proven that the information transfer of the Vitalizer goes “deeper” than the visually perceptible light beam. A possible explanation is the fact that not the transverse waves of the light transport the effect of the Vitalizer, but the longitudinal waves (cf. the work by Professor Dr. Konstantin Mayl). Yet, if you can vitalize food without packaging, you should always prefer doing so.

Question: effect impairment – what impairs the Vitalizer effect and what could damage the device?

The Vitalizer itself is extremely robust. Just high humidity (also water vapor) can damage the electronics. The effectiveness of the vitalization is also destroyed by microwaves. Please avoid placing the Vitalizer close to a microwave appliance.

Question: Flights and airports – Can the Vitalizer be damaged on a flight or during airport security controls?

No. Magnetic fields, or x-ray beams – such as they are used for security checks in the airports – cannot damage your Vitalizer. Nor does flying present a problem. Vitalized drinks and food also keep their properties in an airplane.

Question: Are there any scientific proofs for the effectiveness of the Vitalizer?

Vitarights is very interested in scientific research and spreading of accurate knowledge. Right now there is an open study, conducted in cooperation with scientific institutes and acknowledged research organisations. The results of this study are regularly published and appear on the Vitarights-Website.

Light is good for our Wellbeing

The Vitalizer – Energizing Light in your Pocket

Biophotonics and the Glow of All Life

The Vitalizer is a unique innovation in the field of biophotonics. It produces coherent light, which sends information impulses to the organic matter. This vitalizes the cells, and you feel fresh and energetic just in a short time.

Healthy living has taken a new dimension – with the Vitalizer and the innovative biophoton technology.

All live cells communicate through light and obtain their vitality through biophotons. This light metabolism is considered a foundation for the phenomenon of life. The coherent light can generate order and plays a decisive role when it comes to how healthy we live and how well we feel. This fascinating discovery is based on research in the field of biophotonics, which has completely revolutionized our view on health and life quality in the 1970s.

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