Main Vital Points

1. Uppermost point (Hypothalamus)
This is the highest spot on your head. You will find it where the two imaginary lines drawn from the highest points of your ears meet. The hypothalamus is important for stimulus processing. It is also called the “stress center”. The decision as to whether an outside stimulus will enter our consciousness or be rejected is taken here. This makes the hypothalamus a “receptionist” for our brain. Too many stress elements can overstrain the hypothalamus.

2. Nasal root (Hypophysis)
This point can be found on your forehead between the eyebrows. The hypophysis or pituitary gland regulates nearly all other endocrine glands, such as thyroid or adrenal glands. If the thyroid gets out of balance, we immediately notice it as a plunge in our performance and our mood, but also our nutrient use efficiency is suffering. When our adrenal glands become tired, we lose the ability to deal with everyday challenges. Adrenal glands produce so-called stress hormones that define our ability to cope with stress. They help us to process outside stimuli. Tired adrenal glands can lead to burnout.

3. Thymus (upper third part of the chest, four fingers below the throat)
The thymus gland is also described as the brain behind our body’s immune defense. It is a part of the lymphatic system and constitutes a central piece between the endocrine system, vegetative nervous system and the immune system. In classical medicine it often gets no consideration, since it atrophies after infancy. Despite this, the thymus gland maintains its function until old age. Its shrinking, at times caused by an illness, has a direct effect on our immune system.

4. See of Energy (Three fingers below the navel)
The name comes from Chinese medicine and it speaks for itself: this point ensures that our intestines can do their work properly; it also influences the adrenal glands and pelvic organs. It is one of the most often used points in acupuncture.

Old Knowledge in a New Outfit
Apart from bloodstream and nerve pathways, our body possesses also energy pathways. This was already known to the ancient Chinese who used it in acupuncture. Like a road with bus stops, the energy pathways have “stations” at various distances from each other – these are the acupuncture points.

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